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Insights into the practice

Cayoo was developed to improve your everyday work. That's why we show you here how the software supports you every day. Get to know the diversity of Cayoo!


Use case Contentmanagement

Easy and individual use

How do you ensure that information, important SOPs, processes or medical guidelines are available exactly when they are needed? We will soon be releasing a video here in which we show how content can be created clearly and made available on mobile devices at any time.


Use case Sharing & Migration

Exchange during the Covid 19 pandemic

"In the context of the Covid 19 pandemic, Cayoo is being used to share knowledge across hospitals, regardless of national borders. This benefits not only the affected institutes, but also countries and departments that may still be facing the pandemic. With Cayoo, it is possible to learn from the experiences of other institutes and prepare in the best possible way."

Anaesthetist and intensive care physician, 42


Use case Teams & Rollen

Team communication

"I am not overly IT-savvy. Programming anything was beyond my imagination. I don't need a myriad of options either, but a system that is easy to use, combines everything and allows me to write, release and share an SOP with my colleagues in a matter of minutes. The creation of the following news takes less than a minute and is with the people concerned within seconds: today the technology is coming to OR 1."

Operating theatre nurse, 32


Use case news

Everyone is informed!

Do you know this? An important piece of information needs to be shared quickly and securely with the whole team, but the only way to share it is on a crowded noticeboard? Then be curious about our new video, which will be released soon. In it, we show you what the alternative looks like and how Cayoo creates security in hospitals and beyond!


Use case Mobile access

Use in ambulance transport

Imagine if there was a way to have all information available everywhere in your clinic, no matter where you are, online or offline. We have the solution! Shortly, we will provide you with a video here that illustrates how the Cayoo QR code function works in everyday hospital life and thus ensures patient safety.


Use case Flowcharts

Decision-making aids: Difficult airway

"An example of the use of a flowchart is the failed airway protection. Following on from this initial situation, there are a number of possible scenarios that can occur. Each scenario entails different decisions on how to proceed. For example, if mask ventilation is not possible, an EGA must be placed. With Cayoo, the corresponding SOP for placing an EGA can be directly integrated into the flowchart. This increases the safety of the application enormously".

Intensive care nurse, 45 


Use case Surveillance & Benchmark

SSI surveys

"An improvement process cannot be defined by individual parameters, but requires a bundle of measures that are considered relevant in the hospital.

With the Surveillance & Benchmark module, Cayoo makes it possible to recognise potential for improvement in order to be able to implement the right measures."

Head Physician for General and Visceral Surgery

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