Answers to common questions

Can I test the software?


We offer all teams, in care or medicine, to test Cayoo. Make a request with the subject "Test" via our contact form and test Cayoo for free.

Is Cayoo safe?


Cayoo complies with all requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The entire Cayoo platform, including the messenger, is end-to-end encrypted, so that the exchanged data is secure.

Will I be supported during the implementation of Cayoo?


Since Cayoo is a cloud solution, there is no need for on-site installation, so the implementation effort is very low. We accompany users through the entire implementation process – from the first presentation to the training of the team.

Is there a possibility to include e-learning?

Of course!

Cayoo is not a classic e-learning platform. However, the Cayoo software makes it possible to provide content and easily in everyday work. Thus, training content can be accessed via Cayoo content anytime and anywhere via the app. This creates enormous security for all users.

How much will it cost me to use Cayoo?

Cayoo is a particularly cost-efficient tool. The monthly usage costs are low and almost comparable to a cappuccino plus croissant. Furthermore, the usage costs depend on the number of user:in accounts of the institute.

We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

Which browsers are supported by Cayoo?

Cayoo supports all current web browsers, but for security reasons not Internet Explorer. This has not been further developed by Microsoft since 2016 and is also not supported. In general, we recommend installing a current web browser. Alternatively, we are happy to advise on an individual solution.


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