Avoiding care errors with digital communication and care­standards

Organise your SOPs in nursing to avoid stress and communication errors. We show you how to optimise your standards of care in hospital!


Knowledge transfer with just one click

Mistakes are inevitable in the stressful everyday work in a hospital. Staff shortages, training costs, ward changes - does this sound familiar to you from your everyday work in the hospital? Complex situations in nursing often lead to stress and endanger the safety of patients. Communication within the team, where all members involved have the same level of knowledge of defined care standards and can call up information when they need it, counteracts these problems.

How does the Cayoo hospital software help to avoid errors in care?

  • Profit from valuable expertise now.
  • Optimise your communication in care and download our booklet free of charge.
  • Complex processes can be made more accessible and easier to present with tips from our booklet.
  • With the help of short videos that explain complex processes or flowcharts that provide decision-making aids,
    errors can be minimised and the safety of the users increased.

Benefit now from valuable expertise

Knowledge available at all times

Optimise processes and communication in your clinic and download our booklet free of charge. Use the possibilities of the Cayoo software to share up-to-date expertise online or offline at any time.

Relevant info for you and your team

Get relevant information when you need it. Instant communication with your entire hospital team is now possible.

SOP creation possible at any time

Minimise time pressure in care and use the Cayoo software now! Electronic SOP creation, management, revision and approval are easy and possible at any time in Cayoo. Now you can also benefit from the knowledge of others between hospitals and specialist societies.

Further information in our free whitepaper