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Digital process manage­ment for more safety in hospitals


You always want to do your best for your patients – but you reach your own limits? Treatment errors are inevitable in your stressful day-to-day work in hospital. Our white paper addresses this problem and shows why reducing complexity is an essential component for more safety in everyday hospital life and offers support for intensive care medicine. We regularly publish materials such as whitepapers or demo versions. Once downloaded, our free whitepaper is always available as a useful reference.

Cayoo offers you the right information, at the right time, in the right place for the right person.

  • The demands on everyday work have increased, what needs to change for me and my team?
  • How do we face the new challenges in our communication?
  • Are e-mail, intranet and noticeboard really the right solution?
  • What possibilities are there to share and use standards, guidelines and knowledge online and offline with each other in the team?

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There are thousands of medical conditions, hundreds of procedures, countless tasks. And there is Cayoo.

Stefan Fischer

Managing Director SOPHIA GmbH & Co. KG

Cayoo makes knowledge quickly available

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Knowledge available anytime

Up-to-date expertise anytime and anywhere. Use the opportunity to share knowledge online or offline.

relevant info for you and your team

Get relevant information when you need it. Instant communication with your entire hospital team is now possible.

sop creation possible at any time

Simple electronic SOP creation, SOP management, revision and approval are possible in Cayoo at any time. Now between hospitals and specialist societies Benefit from the knowledge of others across institutions.

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Ventilators don't care for patients – you already


The care of critically ill and intensively cared for patients also leaves its mark on you. The pressure in your daily work in emergency and intensive care is not decreasing, and will increase even more in the future. You know what that means for you. Even more stress, even less sleep, even more responsibility and even less time for individual patients. The solution is in your hands.

Minimise your risk now with the Cayoo white paper. It opens up ways that can help you optimise your situation. Once downloaded, it is available to you at any time as a useful medical reference.


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The solution is in your hands


„The Communication Assistant for you - online and offline“ or short Cayoo. I am specialized in the creation, editing and distribution of content in hospitals.


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