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"SOP - Healthcare Information Assistant"

The creation and editing, as well as the distribution of SOPs was the focus of SOPHIA. But we have continued to evolve and expand the functionality of the software so that SOPs are still an integral part, but communication and distribution of information became the focus.

Cayoo, on the other hand, stands for
„Communication Assistant (for) you – online and offline"

Cayoo stands for "Communication Assistant (for) you - online and offline! We improve your working environment! No matter if you are on the ward or outpatient, in the clinic or in the field, in the air or on the ground, online or offline. Cayoo makes your workday easier, no matter where you are and takes some of the burden off you and your team. We guarantee improved information exchange and faster communication within and across teams.

In continuous exchange with our customers, we work every day to solve more problems of your everyday life by adapting each new feature to your needs.


„The Communication Assistant for you - online and offline“ or short Cayoo. I am specialized in the creation, editing and distribution of content in hospitals.


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